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Pacanier du Nord (Carya illinoensis) - Zone 5

Pacanier du Nord (Carya illinoensis) - Zone 5

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Carya Illinoensis - The northern pecan trees we can grow in Quebec are seedlings of a northern population of the Carya Illinoensis species introduced to Canada by John Gordon and Gary Ferland.  These are trees of the same species as the famous grocery store pecans. To pollinate themselves, two types of pecan trees have developed: some produce pollen from their stamens before their pistils are receptive, while others do the opposite. Good pollination is ensured by planting three to four seedlings in close proximity.

'Snaps' seedlings From a tree selected in a Pleasant Creek forest in Indiana, 'Snaps' is a commercial cultivar that manages to form viable nuts in a Quebec commercial orchard in zone 5b. These pecans are half the size of market pecans, soft, rounded and easy to crack into halves.

Unknown cultivar seedlings From a Quebec commercial orchard in zone 5b. The cultivar of the mother tree has yet to be confirmed.

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