What are bare root trees?

Our bare root trees are dormant trees that have grown in the soil of our fields. They are grown and distributed in a way that respects their natural growth and dormancy cycles to increase their ability to adapt to their new home.

These budding trees are transplanted in the spring, before the leaves come out, or in the fall, as soon as the leaves have fallen and until the ground freezes. When you receive your package, their roots will be packed in a humid substrate, to protect them from the sun and wind, which dry out the roots. Being living organisms, it is important to keep their roots and the package in the shade to avoid killing them.

The advantages: hardy and ecological trees!
  • They are produced in a living soil in association with mycorrhizae and bacteria that promote their development. These organisms will favour the recovery of the plants in their new home.
  • They limit the use of plastic pots and potting soil.
  • They have balanced root systems, with no root curl problems. Trees will grow faster after planting and have a longer life span.
  • They reduce transportation weight, which limits fuel costs and GHG emissions.
  • Since they do not grow in a climate protected greenhouse, they are exposed to winter cold. They are therefore selected for their hardiness to the climate of our farm.