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Our trees

What is a bare root tree?

See our publication about bare root trees HERE.

Why are your trees smaller than those offered by garden centers?

Our farm's tree production is inspired by the work of Jeanne Millet, a doctor in plant biology and an expert in tree architecture.

In her book "L'architecture des arbres des régions tempérées", the author shares the results of her research into the biology of tree development.

In the course of her research, she found that the trunks of field-grown trees, without synthetic nitrogen fertilizers or systematic irrigation, develop more slowly than those of trees fertilized and irrigated to industry standards.

Although these trees have more compact trunks, their trunk-root balance is respected and their structure is better.

As a result, these trees develop fewer architectural problems and do better after transplanting.

Why don't you sell trees in the summer?

Since the roots of bare root trees are briefly exposed to the air during transplanting, it is important to transplant while the tree is dormant.

If a tree's roots are exposed to the air while it is in leaf, the tree is under great stress which usually leads to the tree's death.

Occasionally, our season's surplus will be available in pots at the Petite-Nation public market and at the Hummingbird Farm's kiosk. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

What is your production ethic?

At La Réfriche, our production is carefully thought through from seed to tree. To be continued...

How to choose plants adapted to my context

What is my hardiness zone?

You can identify your hardiness zone by consulting our explanation page.

What factors should I consider when choosing plants?

Coming soon...

Can you recommend plants for a small space?

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How can I ensure that my plants are properly pollinated?

Purchasing and ordering process

Do you bid on large-scale projects?

If you have a large-scale project, such as the establishment of an orchard, a windbreak, a riparian strip or a woodlot, contact us to obtain a free quote.

Why are some of your products unavailable?

Since our plants are all grown from seed, many natural factors beyond our control, including the seed supply itself, weather and pests, influence their availability.

All of our products are subject to quality control and are available while supplies last.

If you have an idea for a large project (order of more than $500) and you have a head start, contact us for a quote.

When is there the most availability on your website?

We update our inventories at the end of the agricultural season. The online store on the website is therefore updated in mid-December and products are available while stocks last.

Do you have scion wood or seeds for sale?

Sorry, we currently do not sell scion wood or seeds.

Taking care of your trees

Should I protect my tree from voles?

Coming soon...

Should I protect my tree from deer?

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Should a tree be staked?

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How to properly fertilize my tree?

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I'm starting to see leaves out and the buds on my plant haven't opened yet, is this normal?

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Our services

Can you help me choose my plant varieties to plant at home?

Check out our design services HERE.

Can you do edible landscaping at my home?

Check out our turnkey design services HERE.

Is it possible to consult you regarding the management of an insect or a disease that affects my trees?

Coming soon...

Can you help me prune my plants?

Each year, we offer training services on pruning fruit trees and shrubs.

To learn more, consult our workshop.

Can you travel to hold a horticultural conference?

Contact us with a specific request.

Mushrooms questions

How do I grow my mycelium block?

For indoor cultivation or the establishment of a mushroom in the garden or other places, refer to the documentation section of the website (here).

My mycelium did not produce mushrooms, what should I do?

Make sure you have read the instructions on this subject and the Troubleshooting section of the website (here). If not, please send us an email, we will be happy to help you!

I planted mycelium in my garden and after a few months, I still haven't seen any mushrooms. Is this normal?

Yes, the fungus must colonize the majority of the substrate at its disposal before fructifying. The colonization can take up to 1 year and sometimes more. Moreover, the fungus must feel a certain stimulus (or signal) like a change of temperature or a rain to fructify. It is possible to check the state of the mycelium, although it can disturb it. Just dig into the substrate (gently) and look for white filaments. If you see any, the fungus is present. Be patient!


Your name is similar to la Défriche! Will you compete with them?

Yes, we know la Défriche well. They are our friends and mentors. We were so inspired by Yves and Dianne's farm that we asked them if we could give them a nod with our company name.

Our names are almost identical, but we offer different and complementary products! La défriche works with annual plants with their micro greens and vegetables, while we work with perennial plants with our fruit trees and shrubs.

Are you able to identify the cultivar of my trees?

Cultivar identification is a complex task that can only be done with certainty by experts in the presence of the tree itself. We recommend you to identify your next trees, for the next people who could benefit from them.

Is it possible to visit your nursery?

It is possible to visit our nursery during the guided tours on Saturdays August 5 and 12.

Our nursery is open by appointment only.

Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of tour options.

What are your business hours?

The nursery is open by appointment only.

Office hours:

Wednesdays 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.
Fridays from 10am to 4pm.

Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

Our office hours may be subject to change depending on the season.

I noticed a bug or a typo on your website.

Please contact us with the information.