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Willow (Salix spp.) - Zone 3

Willow (Salix spp.) - Zone 3

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Salix spp. - We have several varieties of fast growing willows that are ideal for permaculture and basketry. At this time we can only separate them into four categories, Salix fragilis, red, yellow and silver willows. If you wish to receive one of these varieties in particular, mention your choice in the comments when you make your purchase. 


They adapt to several types of soil, from sandy and dry to clay and wet, even flooded. Full sun is preferable for an ideal growth. They are ideal for shelterbelts, phytoremediation and riparian buffers. Depending on the use, willows can be spaced from 1' to 8' apart.


Willow twigs can be used for basketry, creation of ramial fragmented wood and creation of willow water for cuttings' rooting enhancement.

Size and shape

Fast growing willows can be maintained as small shrubs up to 3 meters high by 3 meters wide in open areas if they are cut back every three years. Otherwise, they will grow to 10m tall and 5m wide. Fragile willow can grow to a tree 20m high by 15m wide.


The male catkins of willows have a very ornamental spring bloom ranging from white, to red, yellow or green depending on the individual. They attract pollinators with their tasty and medicinal pollen.


The cuttings come from the Outaouais and Central Quebec. The mother trees have been selected for their rapid growth and their ornamental character for basketry.
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