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American Persimmon - Zone 5b

American Persimmon - Zone 5b

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Diospyros virginiana - The virginia nut tree is not very hardy in the Quebec climate. It is better adapted to the warmer areas of our province which are protected from the strong winds. That said, its fruits are delicious and they have a potential of adaptability to our territories with the climatic changes.

(DEC wannabe 2 x Rosseyanka male F2)
Diospyros virginiana x [Diospyros virginiana x (Diospyros kaki x Disopyros virginiana)]
Seedlings from a controlled cross between two varieties of hybrid Plaqueminier. Zone 6b and up.

Diospyros virginiana seedlings
Diospyros virginiana x Diospyros virginiana in open pollination. The hardiness of this seed source is unknown. Zone 6b and above.

Prok seedling
Coming spring 2025. Zone 5a and up.

Juhl ( Yates ) seedling
Coming spring 2025. Zone 5a and up.


It prefers moist, well drained sandy soil. An implantation in full sun and in a deep soil is preferable for the growth and the production of fruits. It is ideal for urban plantings. It attracts pollinators and birds.


The wood is rare and mostly used for small specialty wood items. The tree is not well known for the qualities of its wood. It is rather the fruits that are of interest.

Size and shape

The tree can reach 10 to 25m in height and a width of 7 to 12m without competition.


Self-sterile. This tree is dioecious, which means that it requires a female and a male flowering plant for fruiting. Time to fruit: 5 to 10 years. The fruits of the Plasmodium remain in the tree until November and concentrate their sugars with the autumnal cold. They are sought after by birds and mammals.


Seed from the Northeastern United States.
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