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Wine Cap mushroom mycelium

Wine Cap mushroom mycelium

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Stropharia rugosoannulata - A distant cousin of the white mushroom, this giant stropharia that lives in gardens is a great edible. Its nutty taste can be used in many recipes. A saprotrophic mushroom, it loves wood chips, but can also be found in potting soil.

This mushroom is a companion. It can be planted in the garden and stay there for several years. Studies have shown its affinity with corn plants, but it can also be associated with other plants. At the nursery, it is found in the wood chips at the foot of our trees, thus ensuring moisture retention and progressive fertilization.

Available in a 2kg bag, it must be planted in the garden or outdoors. One bag of mycelium covers approximately 1 to 2 m2 of garden and must be covered with a good layer of wood chips to be successfully planted.

See instructions in the Documentation section (here).

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