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Hybrid walnut (Juglans X Spp.) - Zone 4b and over

Hybrid walnut (Juglans X Spp.) - Zone 4b and over

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'Dooley Hybrid' F2 Seedling of the 'Dooley Hybrid' mother tree (J. regia x J. nigra) in open pollination with other Juglans regia. The nuts on the mother tree are so thin that they can be broken off by hand. Seedlings of these trees will be very interesting for the quality of their nuts, but will be less hardy. We recommend planting them in zone 5b and above with at least two trees of this cultivar to ensure better pollination.

Seedlings of J. Ailantifolia var. cordiformis x Juglans Spp. 
These seedlings come from a Quebec commercial orchard in zone 5b. The mother trees are the best-performing cultivated varieties of Japanese walnut, but the pollen cloud surrounding them is very diverse. The orchard includes Japanese walnut trees, as well as the best varieties of butternut, black walnut and hybrid walnut. The mother trees of this selection are known as 'Mitchell', 'Imshu', 'Stealth', 'Locket' and 'CW3'. Although the Japanese walnut has a preference for intraspecific pollination (read within the same species), some seedlings may be the result of interspecific pollination (read between two different species)! Japanese walnut tends to hybridize with butternut. Keep a close eye on these offspring... It may conceal some rare botanical treasures! These seedlings should be planted in zone 4b and above.

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