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Pruning training for fruit shrubs

Pruning training for fruit shrubs

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When : Saturday April 13th 2024

Duration : 3 hours (9am-12pm)

Where : Jardin Collectif North, 180 rue North, Gatineau, QC J9H 6Y9

We invite you to join us for a practical training session on pruning fruit trees. During this day of exchanges, you will be shown restoration, maintenance and training pruning techniques on apple trees of all ages. We'll also discuss the theory behind pruning walnut, pear, plum, cherry and chestnut trees.

- Identification and recognition of different fruit organs

- Understanding the physiology of fruit trees

- Introduction to the basic concepts of fruit tree pruning

Why prune: Pruning encourages healthy plant structure to increase aeration and the amount of sunlight reaching the fruiting branches. Increased aeration and light then limit the development of fungal diseases.

Knowing the life cycle of phytophagous insects, it is also possible to prune organs affected by the presence of insect pests to limit their population. Thanks to these operations, the pruned shrub has more energy to produce better quality fruit.

Once the plant's formation and health are assured, pruning can be used to balance vegetative growth and fruit production, so as to concentrate the plant's energy on fruit production. Ultimately, pruning fruit trees and shrubs increases their life expectancy and maximizes their productivity.

In the event of bad weather, the course will be postponed to Sunday April 14th 2024.
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