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Comfrey Bocking 14

Comfrey Bocking 14

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Symphytum 'Bocking 14' - Comfrey 'Bocking 14' is an organic nutrient accumulator that promotes flowering and fruiting of plants that like rich soil. It is the variety richest in potassium.

1 liter pot Pick-up only.

Root cutting 3-4 inch long dormant root cutting.


This plant prefers cool and humid environments and half shade, but it can tolerate cool soil in full sun. It is ideal at the end of the canopy overhanging it.  


Although it does not produce wood, its leaves are rich in nutrients and can serve many purposes. It is possible to cut its leaves to decompose on the ground, to use it in the making of a liquid manure and compost.

Size and shape

It is from 50cm to 1m high, depending on the fertility of the soil. At maturity, the plant is 3' wide.




Comfrey 'Bocking 14' is a cross of comfrey varieties obtained in the 1950's by Lawrence D. Hills in an agronomic station in England. It can only be obtained by root division.
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