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Red Oak (Quercus rubra) - Zone 3b

Red Oak (Quercus rubra) - Zone 3b

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Quercus rubra - Main representative of the bitter acorn group, the red oak is the most present oak in Quebec. It is known for its quality wood and hardiness. Its nuts, having more bitter principles, require a longer leaching of tannins and is mostly roasted to make a local substitute for coffee.


It adapts to several types of soil, provided that this one is well drained. A plantation in full sun and in a deep soil is preferable for the growth and the production of fruits. It is ideal for shelterbelts, woodlots or urban locations. It can also tolerate shallower soils on mountain tops where there is less competition.


Its hardwood is widely used in carpentry and cabinet making. A close spacing of 5m to 10m between trees, accompanied by an annual pruning, is ideal for the development of a long straight bole.

size and shape

The tree can reach 20 to 30m in height and 18m in width without competition.


Self-sterile. A fruiting is reached by the implantation of at least two trees. The tannins of its bitter acorns must be leached by boiling their flesh in several waters. They are also highly sought after by wildlife.


Seeds from the Outaouais and Central Quebec. The mother trees were selected for the size of their acorns.
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