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White Oak (Quercus alba) - Zone 4

White Oak (Quercus alba) - Zone 4

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Quercus alba - A rare and endangered species in Canada, the white oak, formerly one of the largest trees in our southern Quebec forests, is known for its edible nuts, its quality wood and its very ornamental leaves. 


It needs a very deep and rich soil. Although it can grow in the shade, a location in full sun is preferable for the growth and longevity of the tree, which can live over 500 years. It is ideal for shelterbelts or for enriching a woodland.


The uses of its highly prized wood are widespread in carpentry and cabinet making. They have been nearly decimated from our forests to build boats and barrels, but the biggest reason for its disappearance is habitat loss. A close spacing of 6m to 10m between trees, with annual pruning, is ideal for the development of a long straight tronc.

Size and shape

The tree can reach 25 to 30m in height and a width of 25m.


Self-fertile. Ideal fruiting is achieved by planting at least two trees. The tannins of its sweet and tasty acorns must be leached out by boiling their flesh in a few waters. Abundant fruiting of white oaks is more rare and can take up to 10 years. They are also highly sought after by wildlife


Seeds from Estrie and Outaouais regions.
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