Refund policy

Refund policy


While providing you with perfectly healthy trees is our priority, transplanting and relocating these stationary living creatures is not a risk-free activity. Trees and shrubs can undergo certain stresses during this operation.

At Pépinière la Réfriche, we strive to minimize these risks. What's more, we're committed to assisting you in ensuring the success of your planting. This policy is intended to clarify our warranties and to inform you of our claims procedures.

"Guaranteed budding" on all our products

We guarantee that the trees and shrubs we deliver are alive. Bare-root plants are sold in a dormant state. It is therefore normal that they do not yet have leaves. It takes some time for them to wake up and show signs of life after planting.

However, some plants may not survive the delivery process and never emerge from dormancy. Patience is still required, as some plants may take several months to awaken, so please wait until July 1 before claiming our guarantee.

In such cases, please contact us ( and send us a photo of the plants concerned by your complaint. We will arrange an exchange or refund for plants that meet the conditions of this guarantee.

Terms and conditions of the " Guaranteed budding " warranty

To benefit from our "Guaranteed budding" guarantee, please comply with all of the following conditions:

  • Plant your trees within one week of receipt.
  • Carefully follow the instructions in our planting guide.
  • Plant trees in a suitable location.
  • Make sure trees are properly watered and weeded.
  • Warranty applies only to plants sold in spring. We cannot guarantee the winter survival of plants transplanted in the fall.
  • The warranty does not apply if damage is caused by abnormal weather conditions, such as hail, abnormal temperatures or abnormal drought conditions.
  • No warranty is offered if damage is caused by the actions of a person, animal, insect, disease contracted after planting, vandalism or negligence.
  • We do not warrant trees that have awakened and subsequently died.

Disclaimer of Liability

Pépinière la Réfriche (hereinafter referred to as "La Réfriche") cannot guarantee the survival of a tree after purchase, nor can it offer an absolute guarantee of winter survival. It remains the customer's responsibility to inform themselves appropriately about the care of the products they have purchased from la Réfriche.

Careful monitoring on your part is necessary to maintain the health of our plants and to help them survive the biotic and abiotic conditions of their new environment. Therefore, only claims made before July 20 of the planting year will be considered.


 Order cancellation policy

You may cancel your order within one week of completing the transaction. To do so, simply contact us by e-mail ( and indicate the number of the order you wish to cancel. Once the one-week deadline has passed, please refer to our returns policy, located further down on this page.

Order modification / item deletion

If you would like to make any changes to your order, please contact us by e-mail at with details of the changes. We will do our best to accommodate your needs based on our available inventory.

However, please note that if we have already begun to prepare your order (which may be as early as mid-October for fall deliveries or as early as the beginning of March for spring deliveries), a restocking fee of $25 or 10% of the total amount (whichever is greater) will be applied if items are removed from the order.


Refund amount in the event of cancellation or modification of an order

If the transaction was carried out on our website

The amount of the refund will be equal to the price of the items, less 5.4%. This deduction corresponds to credit card transaction fees if the initial payment was made by credit card. The refund or credit amount does not include delivery charges.

If the transaction was made by Interac transfer

The refund amount will be equivalent to the value of the products purchased.


Guarantee for trees and shrubs damaged on receipt

We meticulously pack our trees and shrubs to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition. However, if your trees are damaged upon delivery, please contact us within three days of receipt at Please include photos of the damaged trees. We will replace them or refund your money, subject to availability. If the desired tree is not available or if the shipping period has expired, we will offer a credit or refund. The amount refunded or credited will be that of the damaged plant(s), excluding shipping and handling.