Infolettre 06 2023

Newsletter 06 2023

Hello everyone,

Happy June! Phew! May was a busy month! It was the time of the year where we participated to all sorts of farm stands! It was also the time to transfer cuttings and seedlings to the ground. That's now over (more or less). So, on the menu, we'll be taking a look back at the two topics mentioned above. As usual, there will also be news from the nursery and, finally, a presentation of two individuals who will be helping us out over the summer (and maybe more!)!

For many farms and markets, it was the start of the seasonal booths. And we were there! On May 13 in the Ottawa suburbs at Seedling Saturday, on May 20 and 27 in Ripon at the Marché publique de la Petite-Nation, on May 21 in Papineauville at the Marché publique de Papineauville, on May 27 in Ripon, but near Saint-Sixte at the Ferme aux Colibris stand, and on May 28 in Gatineau at the Grande Foire de l'Agriculture Urbaine. That's right! All those markets! Thanks to everyone who came to see us, it was a pleasure to meet you. But that's not all! You can also see us tomorrow (June 4th) at the Festival de l'Asperge at Ferme Agricola between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (link at end of newsletter). We look forward to seeing you there!


During the month of May, there were several frosts. It was not easy for many farmers. On our end, a few trees saw their buds freeze. But fear not! The vast majority have a plan B, and these are now adorned with green leaves! After the frosts, we were able to plant our seedlings and cuttings in the field. Let's wish them all good growth and a great summer!


To the people of Gatineau, it's time to open your calendar, because a pruning workshop for fruit bushes will be held on June 10. Once again, Pépinière la Réfriche has teamed up with Horti-cité to offer this pruning course. Tickets cost $25 (link at end of newsletter). Join Victor at Horti-cité's HQ next saturday.

To end this newsletter on a high note, we're pleased to introduce Dominic and Daphné! These friends from the nursery will be joining us this summer to help with various projects. Daphné is currently completing her training at CEGEP de Victoriaville in farm management and techniques in fruit production. Dominic has just completed his training in the same program. You'll probably have the chance to meet them at our next open house! Welcome to you both, and many thanks for your help!

This concludes the June newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us! Until July, be well!

La Réfriche nursery team

Links :

- Nursery website, Facebook and Instagram

- Agricola’s festival (June 4th)

- Prunning workshop with Horti-Cité (June 10th)



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