Infolettre 05 2023

Newsletter 05 2023

May 2023


Hello to all of you,

Happy May to all! On the menu in your monthly reading: a return on the workshop with Horti-cité, an overview of the news from the nursery, the arrival of chicks and the announcement of the events of the month.


A little background... On April 15, Victor gave a workshop on pruning fruit shrubs in collaboration with the NPO Horti-cité as part of their project: "La récolte frugale" (link at the end of the newsletter). This workshop, held in Gatineau under a blazing sun, allowed about twenty participants to learn about the spring maintenance of their blackcurrant, raspberry, grapevine, blueberry and many other plants. Fun, creativity and satisfaction were the order of the day! Thank you to everyone who participated and to the organizers for this great success.


As you have probably noticed, the snow has melted. For some, it's the return of migratory birds, bike rides or the beginning of the terraces and that's normal! Spring is here, and it's shining. We must take advantage of it! For us at the nursery, it's the battle of the hands. Yes, the ground is thawed and we have to get busy. So, digging up, packing, transplanting, delivering, etc. are the order of the day. Our cuttings are forming roots, our young trees are slowly waking up from their hibernation, new woody acquisitions are being planted. In short, it's a busy time of year for our plants and for us. Fortunately, we work together, rain or shine, to make sure this crucial time of year goes smoothly. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that this is the best time to buy your trees. Indeed, most of them have not yet woken up and can be transplanted in a safe way for the tree. Otherwise, according to our practice, you will have to wait until the fall to get one of our trees, but as we say in the business: "every year counts!




Now that our boring corporate messages have been said, it is time to talk about our chicks. 150 chicks have taken up residence at the farm. These chicks will first grow under a 250 W red light and then, once they are a little chubbier, outside in a mobile cage in the orchard. At that time, these capons, fed with organic grains, will fertilize our trees and enjoy the great outdoors and the starry sky. A good life, if we can allow ourselves! For all intents and purposes, in a few months, you will be able to get frozen chickens at the nursery. But for now, here is a picture of our proud chicks under an aesthetic and essential light:




Finally! The next events! On May 13th, a SeedLing Saturday will be held in the Ottawa area, organized by Just Food. We will be there to sell our products. Then, on May 20th and 27th, we will be at the Ripon farmers' market for the launch of the season. BUT, on these same dates, we will also be at the Hummingbird Farms for their annual plant sale. You will have the opportunity to meet us, chat and buy your trees for your next horticultural project! Come in large numbers to support local producers! (Links to events at the end of the newsletter)


This concludes the May newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us! Until June, be well!


La Réfriche Nursery Team


Links :

- Nursery website, Facebook and Instagram

- SeedLing Saturday by Just Food (May 13)

- Ripon Public Market Launch (May 20th and 27th)

- Hummingbird Farms Annual Plant Sale (May 20 and 27)


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