Infolettre 01 2024

Newsletter 01 2024

Hello everyone,


Happy January! Happy New Year 2024! On behalf of the team at La Réfriche Nursery, we wish you happiness, joy and time for yourself in the new year. Without further ado, strap on your tuque - this month's newsletter is short! We'll cover January's events, spring formation dates and a little surprise.


First, let's get down to business. We'll be at two events this month: the ECSONG annual winter meeting and the Papineauville seed festival. The ECSONG, or Society of Ontario Nut Growers: eastern chapter, is Ontario's equivalent of the CPNCQ (Club des producteurs de noix comestibles du Québec). This group has a rich history of collaboration, research and development in the nut universe. Victor will be there for their meeting on January 20 in Ottawa. Conferences, nuts and networking are on the menu! (Link at end of newsletter)


Although it's only the beginning of the year, we must apologize for our blunders of last year. It's not a big deal, you might say, but we still have to put things right. All this to say that pre-orders on our website will open on January 20, and not on the 27th as previously mentioned.

Next, for the Seed Festival of the Petite Nation mentioned in the previous newsletter, we're going to recap everything as the date approaches. On January 27, La Réfriche nursery team will be present at the event. We'll even be giving a workshop! We look forward to talking with you! (Link at end of newsletter)


SCOOP! Once again this year, we're offering spring workshops of all kinds. The dates are as follows: March 25 - fruit tree pruning workshop, April 13-14 - fruit shrub pruning workshop, April 20 - fruit tree cuttings workshop and May 4 - fruit tree grafting workshop. Further details will be available on our website shortly. Reserve early, places are limited!


Finally, to end on a sweet note, we'd like you to meet our latest recruit. Some of you may already have seen her in our communications on social networks. She has yet to be trained, but should specialize in welcoming visitors, protecting trees and animals from predators and distributing wet kisses. As you can see, Gourgane, the newest member of the family, is a 4-month-old puppy. A pretty mix of mastiff, Saint Bernard and Pyrenean mountain. Rinse your eyes at this beautiful creature:


This concludes the January newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us! Until February, be well!


La Réfriche Nursery team

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